National Urban League Incentive To Excel and Succeed

NULITES is a nationwide youth program started by the Urban League and is being conducted in 100 communities. Founded on the premise that young people are our most valuable resource, NULITES is designed to reflect the positive aspects of youth in today’s society while providing opportunities for personal and leadership development.

The program promotes and maintains high standards of well-being, educational, character and leadership qualities. This is accomplished through group activities, meetings, special educational programs, field trips and FUN!

The Palm Beach County Chapter has been awarded NATIONAL CHAPTER OF THE YEAR Four Times!  With more than 200 youth ages 10-18 involved in the program the chapter participates in activities through out the community and focuses on creating a positive youth movement here in Palm Beach County.

Four Time National Award Wining Chapter Of The Year!

2010 Chapter of the Year

2010 Caring Adult of the Year- Gloria Scott

2010 NULITER of the Year- Tamesha Chambers

Program Highlights
Travel on college tours and to state youth conferences * SAT/ACT prep courses * Work skills training * Attend cultural activities such as the ballet and theater * Scholarship opportunities * Meet and network with community leaders * Community service activities Holiday activities and special events

All NULITERS are asked to uphold these principles as members:
STRIVE for excellence at home, school and in my community.
WORK within my neighborhood to further its development.
RESPECT my mind and body as well as the mind and bodies of others.
CELEBRATE my heritage and culture as well as those of others.
CREATE a better future for my family, other people and myself.
CARE for the world’s people and environment.
PROMOTE a universal spirit of cooperation and peace.

NULITES meet monthly on the 1st Thursday of each month starting at
6 pm at the Urban League.
Dinner is provided
Volunteer opportunities for parents.
To join you must be ages 10-18 and complete the NULITES application.

For more information please contact Gloria Scott at 561.833.1461 ext 3012 or email

“The program prepared me for the real world after high school.” ~ Marlynnda Calitxe, Past President for the Palm Beach County Chapter of NULITES

“It was during the youth summit that I became stronger, determined and at the same time anxious. I was anxious to go out into the community and make a difference as well as anxious to become a better person” said Tamesha Chambers, 2010 NULITER of the Year and member of the ULPBC NULITES chapter for 5 years.

1700 N Australian Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm