Programs and Services

Urban League of Palm Beach County programs and services empower individuals and families to economic and social equality.

Youth and Education Empowerment Programs prepares young people for college, work and life.

Economic Empowerment Programs empower individuals to break down barriers and obtain economic equality through education, self-reliance and a greater understanding of financial tools and services. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty and level the economic playing field.

Community and Health Empowerment works to build healthy, safe and strong communities.

National Urban League Incentive to Excel And Succeed (NULITES)

NULITES is a nationwide youth program started by the Urban League and is being conducted in 100 communities. Founded on the premise that young people are our most valuable resource, NULITES is designed to reflect the positive aspects of youth in today’s society while providing opportunities for personal and leadership development…

Project Ready

Project Ready is an evidence-based standards plus practical tools program specially designed for and unique to the Urban League movement for the purpose of getting African American and other urban youth ready for college, work and life.

Teen Outreach Program-TOP

TOP (Teen Outreach Program) is a youth development program proven to empower today’s teens, so they can lead successful lives and help build strong communities. TOP can help your teen develop health behaviors and life skills, while giving your teen a sense of purpose. It’s free and available to male and female youth, in grades 6 though 12.

MENTOR V Program

The National Achiever’s Society (NAS)

NAS is part of the Urban League of Palm Beach County’s Center of Excellence. This honor society recognizes students for their academic achievement. This program focuses on the importance to encouraging, recognizing and reinforcing academic achievement among minority youth to counter pervasive and damaging public image of African-American youth in our society.

CINS/FINS Counseling Services

Children In Need Of Services/ Families In Need of Services (CINS/ FINS) provides troubled youth, or youth who may need additional support and mentoring and their parents with professional counseling services.

Youth Crime Prevention

The Youth Crime Prevention & Intervention Program provides services and activities for youth ages 10 – 18 years old, and their families, such as Teen Summits, Parenting Skills Training, Tutoring, Employability Skills Training and Job Placement, First-Time Offenders Program, At-Risk Children’s Program, Young Crime Victims & Their Families, Gang Resistance Program.

Foreclosure Counseling

Are you facing losing your home? Make an appointment today with our trained and experienced housing counseling staff to see how we can assist you through our foreclosure counseling program. Foreclosure Counseling is a free service provided by the ULPBC for families in Palm Beach County.

Housing Counseling

Comprehensive Housing Counseling Programs empower individuals to break down barriers and obtain economic equality through education, self-reliance and a greater understanding of financial tools and services. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty and level the economic playing field.

Pre-Purchasing Counseling

Urban League of Palm Beach County is a HUD Housing Counseling Agency with HUD certified housing counselors ready to assist you in becoming a homeowner. We offer monthly First Time Homebuyers Workshops as well as one-on-one pre-purchase counseling. The 8-hour workshop curriculum includes information covering topics relevant to homeownership.


Need a job? Need a better job? Want to get your spending under control? Want to save for the future? Want to buy a house? Ready for a positive change? You provide the goals and effort.
We provide the tools you need to succeed!

Urban Senior Jobs Program

The Urban Senior Jobs Program is a Senior Citizen initiative of the National Urban League that is offered locally in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties through the Urban League of Palm Beach County. Our staff works with applicants to hone skills, maintain work-readiness and find appropriate opportunities.

Act Against AIDS Initiative

The Urban League of Palm Beach County was selected by the National Urban League to participate in the first national Centers for Disease Control campaign entitled: Act Against AIDS Initiative campaign which aims to address public complacency about the disease as the epidemic approaches its fourth decade.

Workforce Development

The Urban League of Palm Beach County is a critical resource to people in the community to helping clients who are unemployed or underemployed develop competitive job skills, receive training and placement in employment. We have several workforce development programs.

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