The National Achiever’s Society

The National Achiever’s Society

What is NAS?

The National Achiever’s Society is a premier program of the Urban League’s Center of Excellence. Students in grades 3-12 with all A’s and B’s and no C’s are invited to apply to join this academic honor society. The Urban League is taking a proactive stance in the education of youth by working with students and their adult mentor to provide them with support and training to continue the youth’s academic success and prepare them for higher education.

Program Purpose

Encourage, recognize and reinforce academic achievement among minority youth
Seeks to counter pervasive and damaging public image of African-American youth
Designed to energize adults to rededicate themselves to preparing children to meet the academic and job standards of the 21st Century.

Program Highlights

  • Attend cultural activities such as the ballet and theater
  • Leadership training
  • SAT/ACT prep courses
  • FCAT tutorial
  • Scholarship searches
  • Meet and network with community leaders
  • Professional development sessions
  • Community service activities
  • Holiday activities and special events
1700 N Australian Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm